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Indonesia Citizen, 43 years.

Graduated from Atmajaya Catholic Univeristy of Indonesia, Faculty of Economics, in 1997.
Appointed as the Company’s Director since 2014 pursuant to the Deed Number 36 dated 14 May 2014 which was drafted in the presence of Kumala Tjahjani Widodo, S.H, M.H, M.Kn, Notary in Jakarta.
Started his career in 1997 on Astra Group, specifically at PT Surya Artha Nusantara Finance as Accounting Officer. And thus, joined at Astra Credit Companies as Analysis and Planning Department Staff in 1998-2003. In 2006, he returned to the Company and serves as the Chief of Finance Division Head and later he serves as Sales & Marketing Division Head in 2011-2012. At the same time, he also serves as the Company’s Corporate Secretary in 2011-2014. In 2013- 2014 he was appointed as the Company’s Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing. In 2017, he also served as a commissioner of PT Surya Cakra Anugerah Nusantara.
In 2019, he attended International Seminar on “Multifinance: Consumer Protection, Risk Management, and Fraud Early Warning System in Digital Era” held by Indonesian Financial Services Association (IFSA) on 26 April 2019 at Conrad Hotel, Bali, Indonesia.