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Name of Shareholders

The Deed of Statement of Shareholders’ Resolutions Number 17 dated 22 September 2011 drafted in the presence of Benny Kristianto, S.H., notary in Jakarta, the shareholders composition of the Company, which does not experience any changes, is as follow:

PT Sedaya Multi Investama
Marubeni Corporation
PT Marubeni Indonesia

Controlling Shareholders Information

PT Astra International Tbk. who directly and indirectly own 60% of the shares of the Company through its subsidiary, PT Sedaya Multi Investama, is one of the biggest holding company registered in Jakarta Stock Exchanges and Surabaya Stock Exchanges. PT Astra International Tbk. runs business in financial services sector, automotive sector, heavy equipment and motor cycle selling sector, mining contractor sector, agribusiness sector, infrastructure sector as well ass information technology sector.

Marubeni Corporation who owns 40% of the share of the Company directly and indirectly, is a multi-business company with various and wide trading activity and industry such as mineral, natural resources, finance, communication, logistic, iron & steel, forestry, energy, transportation, power plant project and infrastructure. Marubeni Corporation also runs business in construction, marine and chemical business..